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Dentist Tooth 3D Led Lamp

Dentist Tooth 3D Led Lamp

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Dentist Tooth 3D Led Lamp, For Dentist Graduation Gift, Future Dentist, Personalized Night Light, Desk Lamp

 Perfect Gift
Our lamps are perfect and an unforgettable gift! Whether you wanna gift it to your favorite dentist or to a dental student or as a graduation gift

Whether on the bedside table, desk, bookshelf or sideboard, our lamps fit perfectly in every room!

 Color Options
Our lamps shine in 7 colors: red, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, white.
You don't have to select a color, you can easily change the color on button-press. The color changes each time the button is pressed. Furthermore, you can activate the RGB mode by double-clicking and the light automatically changes from one color to the next.

 Material and Working
It doesn't contain any harmful substances or materials that are harmful to health. The bottom base consists of a plastic injection mold with a wood paint look. The upper model section consists of 3 mm engraved acrylic/plexsiglas.

The product is produced in accordance with EU norms and has a CE certificate.
The lamp is battery operated and requires 2xAA standard batteries.
The batteries are not included in the package. Please use quality batteries for the best light results and long runtime.
The integrated battery-saving mode automatically switches the lamp off after 2.5 hours of operation. There is no need for a power cable, which makes it safe, flexible and easy to use. This lamp can be used anywhere.


You will love this product! Forget the night and bedside lamps that you are used to. This product is a unique lamp made exclusively for you. Thanks to its soft LED light, it gives your room a subdued light and a warm atmosphere.
Are you looking for an individual gift? Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, baby gift, children's gift or housewarming gift? Congratulations, you have found one of the rarest gifts you can buy for someone you care about. Best of all, the personalization allows you to create a very special gift. This is a great gift idea for every occasion.
You design, we produce!

Please let us know if you want to cancel your order. If production has not started for your order, we would gladly cancel and provide you full refund.

Orders are currently arriving within 12-20 business days due to high demand.



This is a factory-operated store, and all products are produced by ourselves. Continue to recruit agents, more than 5 will find customer service to negotiate the price.
The real thing is better than the picture! The real thing is better than the picture! The real thing is better than the picture!
There are currently more than 2,000 animation game patterns in this store, go search and ask. Even if there is none, as long as you send a high-definition picture, you can make it.
This store will continue to update the animation patterns, pay attention, pay attention.
Note: Before use, be sure to tear off the paper film on the back of the graphic plate. (It is not easy to tear, you can soak the graphic plate in warm water for 5-10 minutes)
1,7 colors and 16 colors are different?
7 colors without remote control, touch toning, 7-color conversion; 16-color remote control toning, 16-color conversion.
2,What is the difference between black background, white background and cracked base?
The black base and the white base are opaque bases; the cracked bases are translucent bases, the bases are light-transmitting, and the lines are cracked, which is more beautiful. If you need the actual effect of white and crack, you can contact customer service to get the video!
3,how to use?
You can connect a USB cable, or you can buy 3 batteries for power supply.

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