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Evolutionary Tongue Scraper

Evolutionary Tongue Scraper

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Change Your Oral Hygiene Routine Forever.

Think you’re feeling minty fresh? Think again. This tongue scraper will change your life. Our Evolutionary Tongue Scraper improves your sense of taste, making you able to distinguish between bitter, sweet, salty, and sour sensations.

✔ MADE OF SOLID SURGICAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL: It will not rust or collect mold.

✔ WORKS BETTER THAN A TOOTHBRUSH: The curved design and smooth surface creates the perfect shape to reach your entire tongue. Toothbrushes are not designed to clean your tongue.

✔ ADJUSTABLE: It can fit any size mouth. Small or big you can bend the tongue cleaner to perfectly fit your mouth.

Message us at any time. You will always receive a quick, friendly response from one of our fantastic team members. We are ready to resolve any issue you experience with your tongue scraper.

Product Redefined

Toothbrushes are NOT designed to clean your tongue. Toothbrush bristles are packed together in tight bunches to sweep the smooth surface of your teeth. That’s great for teeth, but not for tongues. A toothbrush will not clean down into the crevices of your tongue where stinky gunk hides.

That is why, Tongue Scraper is designed to clean your tongue. The curved design and smooth surface creates the perfect shape to reach your entire tongue. It keeps your mouth fresh and clean.

What's in the box?

1x Evolutionary Tongue Scraper


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